Hinged Shutters

We made shutters in three premium material: PVC, Basswood and Paulownia. 

  • PVC shutters is waterproofed, so they can be installed in bathroom and kitchen area. There are 8 standard colours for PVC shutters, and custom colours are available. 

  • Basswood Shutters are one of the most popular products of us, they can provide you a style of natural, and hard enough to keep the structure in a long time. There are 10 standard colours for Basswood shutters, including 5 wooden stained colours. And custom colours are available.

  • Paulownia Shutters has a straight texture, the material is light and soft with a strong grain pattern. There are 10 standard colours for Paulownia shutters as Basswood shutters, including 5 wooden stained colours. And custom colours are available.


Shaped Shutters

Special shaped shutters could be circle, oval, arch or any shape except square or rectangle. A template is always required for the factory to follow the opening profile unless it is a standard one. When drawing a template, it is better to use a whole piece of paper to board card, not separated ones. Please remember to mark face on the template to avoid confusion. When mount type is "mount in", overall size = template size - 2mm around the template. When mount type is "mount out", overall size = template size (template size = opening size + the size away from the opening + frame size). As to the arch shape, if the rectangular height is not the same as both sides, we recommend you mark both heights on the template so that the shutters could be perfectly fitted into the opening.


Doors & Bay Window

Sliding and Bifold Shutters are available. 

Bay windows and corner widows became an architectural novelty inside the home during Victorian era have evolved to be a part of many modern homes today. Their elegant charm and curvy style is unparalleled; with tall panes and wide landscape view, they require special consideration when shopping for a window treatment. Plantation shutters allow your bay windows to be all they can be. While blinds rattle or curtains sway with one or more windows opened, shutters remain in place. They also make the biggest visual impact from inside or out, giving your space a streamlined and stellar finish.